Nothing is more powerful than a team working together.  Our teams consist of co-workers (across corporate departments), suppliers and/or clients.  We offer a structured collaboration process with the goal of meeting or exceeding the ultimate client’s expectations.


Evanage has typical collaboration traits, but when combined with project management, supplier/client relationship management, automated project tracker, e-mail reminders, library, specification warehouse and reporting features it becomes a dynamic solution to meeting client demands.


The “whiteboard” portion of collaboration sits inside the development stage of our structured project management format. The interactive project tracker, task lists and e-mail reminders ensure the project stays on schedule.


Effective forms of collaboration require some form of leadership and decision making ability. Our site complements today’s process and encourages traditional decision making. A single client or multiple suppliers may be invited to each project. Participants are encouraged to contribute retaining current decision making authority.


Accountability of meeting the ultimate objective are clear drivers to keeping the project moving forward...keeping two key components in mind: Time and Cost. We like to say evanage gets the right information to the right people at the right time. The result is complete visibility into the entire process, better speed to market and reduced costs.

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