A Few Notes


We listen.  We've added...


Targeted alerts.  Reduce e-mail.  Alert the people that need to know.  Other team members can view the history any time.


An activity log which displays all actions that take place in each project.  The activity log on the control panel displays all activity in all open projects.


Digital assets which enable you to house, retain and share final art, logos and life style images.


Live interactive charts which have replaced project trackers.  They provide a color coded drillable chart.  Click on a section of the chart or legend and the results are displayed below.  Click on the project or task link and go directly to the project.


A blog to the site.  Teams may start conversations with co-workers and or partners.  It's a great way to communicate and keep management up to date.

A few notes

Quote from a client

With the help of Evanage we've been able to open up new accounts and have had a record year.                                                              



Quote from a partner

The site is intuitive and easy to use.  We want to transfer all our business to your company.  It's just easier to do business this way. 






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