Project Management

Smart Calender

The structured process has triggers which transition the project from stage to stage automatically.  Alerts ensure every team member is aware of the schedule and the key date.  If a date is missed, team members are notified and must make adjustments to the calendar to ensure the “key date” is met.

Specification Warehouse:

After a project has been ordered specifications are automatically sent to the specification warehouse and data is sent to the reporting section.

Project Management

Cloud based project management offers massive cost savings as well as increased IT agility.  More companies consider it critical to adopt this technology in response to current economic conditions.


Evanage is specifically designed to get products, packaging and displays to market quicker, offering accountability and visibility to the process.


Key points:

  1. Centralized location for all electronic communication
  2. Secure, cloud based solution
  3. Accountability for co-workers and partners
  4. Healthy competition & level playing field
  5. Flexibility & shared vision


Projects are compartmentalized so team members know exactly where to go to get the info they need.  Ensure your process is followed by assigning tasks for each stage. 


Users may assign/approve/revoke tasks, post comments and upload files.  The user can alert certain team members, yet other team members have visibility to actions by viewing the activity log.

Overloaded on e-mail...schedule the types of e-mails you want to receive.  Schedule a daily news and you'll receive one summary e-mail with the status of all projects and tasks. 


The system generates a project tracker.  Keeping team members informed of a projects status and progress has never been easier.  The best part - it's customized for each team member, it's live and interactive.

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