Sustainable Solution

Wall Mart's Suplier Sustainality assessment

Wal-Mart and other retailers are working with suppliers to develop sustainable solutions for the "procure to pay" process.  They intend to reward those suppliers who have measured impacts and show progress toward meeting stated reduction goals. 

Sustainable Solutions

Employees face a shrinking amount of time.  Our goal is to provide our clients with the most efficient and effective system to get products to market, eliminating redundant tasks and multiple touches and ensuring visibility, accountability and accessibility - quickly and completely.


Relationship Management

  1. Invite suppliers and clients (partners) to collaborate with your team. 
  2. Communicate internally (private conversations) about a partner or with all partners
  3. Share partner detail, agreements, capabilities, presentations, locations, requirements, updates, strategies and goals
  4. Easily bring a new team member and/or partner team member up to speed

Project Management

  1. Centralized location for all electronic project communication
  2. Invite multiple suppliers or one client to a project, each gets their own private workspace-make effective decisions with automatic concept comparisons-keeps a level playing field
  3. Live-interactive-drill able charts eliminates the need for project trackers by providing project status & task due dates
  4. Increase efficiency by eliminating project related e-mail and non-essential communication
  5. Sign up for the daily news: receive one e-mail with a summary of your open projects and tasks
  6. Assign, approve & revoke tasks, upload files, make comments with targeted alerts, view complete project activity log
  7. Retain intellectual property: representative images automatically stream to a sortable library with tags and links

Process Management

  1. Ensure your process is followed with standard & pre-assigned tasks
  2. Budget visibility: quote with automatic price variances & benchmark approved concept to final price
  3. Easy to find-compartmentalized projects w/ built in triggers, keeps files organized so you know exactly where to look.
  4. Quick start project templates enable you to start projects with the same tasks, teams and detail (available 11/19)

Specification Management

  1. Ownership of specifications: access or import into new projects/quote requests
  2. Easy to manage modular systems and save money on tooling (product tree, library, master/component spec)
  3. Efficient method of retaining and distributing digital assets (approved art, logos, lifestyle images)

Evanage Service

  1. Easy to get started: support videos, help desk, tool tips
  2. Secure, cloud based solution
  3. Third party-not supplier dependent
  4. Shared vision and flexibility: we listen to your suggestions
  5. Clear pricing structure with no hidden fees


It's easy

It's easy to start and manage projects from idea through delivery.  Reduce your time to market, get more and better ideas from your suppliers / designers.  Save time in project management, eliminate project related e-mails and project tracker spreadsheets.  Save money on material and labor by collaborating with design and fulfillment houses.  Have visibility and assurance your process is being followed



If your goal is to provide your sales team with the best possible solution in the shortest amount of time, ensuring the process is followed and you retain information for the future, get started with Evanage today.

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